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Hyper Local for Businesses

Community 102’s hyper local services for businesses allows your brand to engage with and respond to users and fans, provide them answers or feedback, and grow your marketing database to increase sales.

Candle Store Owner

Community 102 Manages Hyper Local Social Media Platforms


Are you a small business owner or a company with multiple locations, including possibly franchises? If so, a great way for you to gain new business or receive feedback is through hyper local reviews. Community 102 offers a fantastic, comprehensive solution that helps you manage these reviews, encourages people to write new reviews, and also saves people’s information into your database, all in collaboration with review websites including Yelp and Google+.

Our services help promote fan and customer involvement through various methods. First, we can send out text messages or place posters, table toppers, or other in-store advertisements that ask people to text in to receive an offer (ie 10% off today). Then, a short time later, we ask them to review the service, food, or goods provided with that sale or experience. If the review falls below a certain level, lets say they only score you a 7 out of 10, we ask them how the experience could be improved upon and send any specific issues to the store manager for them to take action if necessary. If the review is positive though, we ask the customer to write a review on Yelp or Google+.


Another service we offer is tracking reviewers and collecting their information into a client database, which allows you to market to them in the future. We are able track the number of times a person checks-in to a business through these hyper local review sites, and can send people offers after a specific number of check-ins to foster repeat visits as well. Additionally, we are able to track your analytics on a nationwide, regional or local level. This feature is especially helpful for companies with a larger footprint as they try to distinguish which retailers, franchises, or regions are performing stronger or weaker than others.


If we have peaked your interest with our hyper local review services but you are now wondering who helps you manage it, Community 102 moderators do! Our human moderators are trained and tested to respond to fans and critics alike in your designated brand voice, just like they are a part of your own company. To get more information and a pricing proposal on our hyper local review services or our moderation and management services, please contact us today!

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