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Who is Community 102?

Community 102 serves clients across various a wide variety of industries. The common thread is that companies understand the importance of brand integrity and this is why they turn to Community 102. Community 102 specializes in online content management. Our content moderation professionals create a customized network of multilingual moderators to insure your users maintain a positive association with your brand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


If there are trends, changes in technology, or even a shift in the dialogue about your product, Community 102 is able to adapt and mitigate any pre-emptive strategies necessary. Community 102 doesn’t just moderate your online community, we become a part of it, and integrate seamlessly with your platform or one of our automated moderation platforms. Social media is an ever-evolving space and Community 102 is there to make sure your brand is safe to succeed and flourish. 


Dave Andrews
President & CEO

Dave Andrews founded Community 102 to serve a blossoming need in the developing field of social networking and communities. As president, Andrews is spearheading the company’s mission to aid clients in their quest to reach a global audience across any platform.


Katy Wethington
Moderation Supervisor

Katy Wethington’s considerable experience in community management began in February 1999, when she became a guide moderator with the America Online Community Leaders Volunteer Program. She continued her leadership role with the program until it ended in June 2005.


Diana Andrews
Account Executive

Diana Andrews has extensive brand experience specializing in advertising and media. Throughout her career, Diana has worked with numerous blue-chip brands. On the client side, Diana has overseen iconic Mattel brands including Barbie and Hot Wheels.

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